What is home staging?

"Home Staging focuses on presenting a property to its best so that it is sold or rented more quickly and at a better price. It aims to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, helping the viewers to envision themselves living at that property and embracing such lifestyle.

Presenting the house in a neutral and depersonalised way, for example, has proven to be effective to accelerate sales." - Home Staging Association.

From the Home Staging Report 2021:
~ 108 days - average time non-staged properties stayed on the market, however ...
~ 45 days - average time sellers received an offer after staging
~ 100% - agents + developers say staging increases viewings
~ 60% - agree living areas are most important rooms to stage


I can offer you an in-person walk+talk ‘or’ virtual consultation on how to stage and present your home to make it more saleable in a quicker amount of time. My interest and skill set lies in creativity + vision + space planning. I believe all properties, no matter how big or small have the power to achieve great potential and therefore saleability in the quickest time possible.

I will offer guidance on:
~ Finding your USP (unique selling point)
~ Styling + accessorising
~ Spacial awareness
~ Making sure you are living in the modern day
~ Enhancing what you already have
~ Evoking feelings of ‘aspirational’ ‘zen’ ‘relaxing’
~ Increasing light into the property
~ How we can enhance what you already have
~ Making changes on a small budget
~ Interior design tips + what high-end interior designers are doing
~ Whether the property needs physical staging (bought or rental)

These tools should make:
~ A quicker sale enabling you to move on and make your next move
~ Achieve the guide price or higher giving you a ROI (return on investment) without the need for a price reduction

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“Home staging is always less expesive than the first price reduction.”

— Barb Schwarz